Hugo Genes - Writer/Director/Actor/Producer

     Hugo was born in rio de janeiro, and moved to new york city just before kindergarten. He developed the film's script based on personal experience as an Undergrad at Cornell University. Since graduating in 2010 with a BS degree in Applied Economics he's studied Nonfiction Filmmaking at City University of NY Hunter College. He has worked on Wall Street in sales and trading and investment banking, and has had at least 21 jobs - mostly in teaching, media-making, or sales. He is a Fulbright Scholar, and an active member of The Illuminator – a collective of activists and artists that do guerilla projections for the 99%.

The idea to make   c o ll e g e t o w n   sprouted when visiting his alma mater for the first time as an alumnus. The script was finalized by 2013 and the film was shot in intervals over the next 22 months.

He prefers the Amazon to amazon- tries to minimize screen time - is into music, mirrors, mare - is a clown - and is, more recently, becoming a bamboo enthusiast.

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